Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Report-January 3, 2017

Virginia Smallmouth Bass Report

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Report Smallmouth Bass Streams I am getting my best smallmouth bass action by fishing streamers, while fishing these along the streambottom in the deepest pools. The Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink 30 Warm Tip Fly Line has a fast sinking thirty foot head sinking at four to eight inches per second. This therefore helps me swim my flies deeply. The 200 grain fly line cast smoothly on my Scott Radian 9 foot 7 weight fly rod.  I use my Murray’s Fluorocarbon  6 foot 2X Sinking Line Leader with this. The Murray’s Magnum Creek Chub, Hog Sucker and Dater Streamer size 4  helps me catch some nice bass. Access Point #3 (Burnshire Bridge) on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River is fishing good. Access Point #12 (Good’s Landing) on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River is fishing good. Harry Murray Murray’s Fly Shop PO Box 156 121 South Main Street Edinburg, Virginia 22824 Phone Number: 540-984-4212 Website: Email:

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