Smallmouth Bass Streams Fly Fishing Report - April 13, 2022

Smallmouth Bass Streams Fly Fishing Report - April 13, 2022

Every year I return to fish the same bank bays for smallmouth bass for a very good reason..they seldom let me down.  The one thing which may change from year to year is the level of the river and the speed of the current. If the river is a little high, like we just had from the recent rains, I use a Sinking Tip III fly line with a 6ft 2X Fluorocarbon Sinking Leader. The strike usually comes just as the streamer leaves the slow bank bay and enters the main part of the river, so be alert.  My favorite flies in the bank bays are the Murray's Magnum HogSucker, Magnum Bluegill, Magnum Darter and Shenk's White Streamer size 4.  

The North Fork of the Shenandoah River is clear and fishable.  It is carrying a little extra water so be careful when wading.  To get above some of the extra water, fish in the Mount Jackson and Edinburg areas before some of the feeder streams enter the river.  If you plan to kayak or canoe, I would recommend entering at Chapman's Landing north of Edinburg, float down a mile or two while fishing and then paddle back to exit the river at the same access.  This provides you to get into some different areas of the river including the deep pools before the dam.

The South Fork of the Shenandoah River is still carrying alot of water but is clearing nicely.  I wouldn't recommend trying to wade this river until the water levels return to normal.  There are many public boat landings on the South Fork so there is plenty of access to kayak/canoe.  Stop by the fly shop for more information or see my book Virginia Blue Ribbon Streams. 

We have plenty of openings in our Full Day Fly Fishing Schools starting in June.  


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