Smallmouth Bass Streams Fly Fishing Report - April 2, 2020

Posted by Harry Murray on

The smallmouth are spreading throughout the streams with many seeking protection behind the ledges and in the deep pools below bridges and dams. Fish a Murray's Marauder in pearl, black or olive in a size 6 tight in below the ledges along the stream bottom.  I would recommend using a Sink Tip III line with a Murray's 6ft 2X Fluorocarbon Leader.

Both the North and South Fork of the Shenandoah River are clear and fishable.  The water is still cold so do not expect to catch a lot of fish but this is usually the time of year you catch bigger fish.  Bring your chest high waders.

  Ft. CFS
North Fork Mount Jackson 3.10 260
North Fork Strasburg 2.40 389
South Fork Luray 2.75 894


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