Smallmouth Bass Streams Fly Fishing Report - Update August 11, 2020

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Some of the most exciting smallmouth fishing occurs in the tails of the pools at dusk at this time of year. The bass move into these areas to feed on minnows and by fishing a Murray's Floating Chub Minnow or Murray's Floating Dace Minnow in size 4 & 6 in this shallow water, you can catch many fish.  

Per phone calls and walk-in customers the other productive flies for this week include the Shenandoah Blue Popper, Murray's Olive Marauder, and Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite in size 6. 

This is a picture of hellgrammite eggs on leaves hanging over the Shenandoah River recently.

Stream Conditions:  Update for August 11, 2020

The North Fork of the Shenandoah River is clear and fishable. This Fork is great for wading especially in the public access around Edinburg and Woodstock.  There are several dams on this river so there is limited access to float.  

The South Fork of the Shenandoah is currently too high and muddy for fishing.

  Ft. on 8/11 CFS on 8/11 Ft. on 8/8 CFS on 8/8
North Fork at Mount Jackson 2.58 90.6 3.86 615
North Fork at Strasburg 1.97 184 2.35 363
South Fork at Luray 4.20 1860 4.88 2500

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