Smallmouth Bass Streams Fly Fishing Report - March 12, 2020

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The smallmouth rivers are still a little cool for the bass to be actively feeding. Therefore anglers who are willing to boat into the deeper water above dams either on the North Fork or South Fork of the Shenandoah River will get better action. The Sonar Sink 30 Clear Fly Line in a 200 grain will help you get your flies to the deepest parts. 

At this time of the year I prefer to use heavy weighted flies such as the Murray's Tungsten Cone Head Marauder in size 4. They are available in pearl, olive, and black. 

Stream Access

Chapman's Dam (#5, also known as M on page 11 of my Virginia Blue Ribbon Streams book) on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. Float down to the deeper water just above the dam, then paddle back upstream and take out at the same place. On the South Fork of the Shenandoah this deep water can be found above the Luray Reservoir. You can put your boat in at Massanutten Landing (#26, also known as J on page 11 of my book) and float down to the Reservoir.

River Levels

 Shenandoah River Ft. CFS
North Fork Mount Jackson 2.71 126
North Fork Strasburg 2.13 255
South Fork Luray 2.48 701


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