Smallmouth Bass Streams Fly Fishing Report - September 24, 2020

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Many smallmouth bass have selected feeding stations in the 3-5 feet deep cuts between the river crossing ledges. Many of these are the size of a tennis court. Since there is such a variety of stream bottom compositions many of the bass make their homes here. I do not know of any feeding stations in which I catch as many large bass as quickly as I do in these cuts at this time of the year. Productive flies for these areas include the Murray's Olive Marauder size 6, Murray's Black Marauder size 6, Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite (Black) size 6 and Murray's Olive Strymph size 4. Fish these on a 2X compound knotted leader.

I start at the downstream end of these cuts to wade and fish my way upstream as the depth of the water permits to fan my casts over the whole pool.

The water temperature has been in the low 70's so bring your chest high waders if you are planning on wading. 

Stream Conditions:

The North Fork of the Shenandoah River is clear and fishable.  There are many public areas to wade this river but only a few to float because of dams that are not legal or safe to go around.  

The South Fork of the Shenandoah River is clear and fishable.  There are many public access places to wade and/or float this river.  My book Virginia Blue Ribbons Streams covers the Game Commission access places on the Shenandoah River along with many other bass and trout streams throughout the state.

  Ft. CFS
North Fork at Mount Jackson 2.50 67.9
North Fork at Strasburg 1.87 143
South Fork at Luray 2.81 756

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