Stocked Trout Stream Fly Fishing Report - February 15, 2019

Stocked Trout Stream Fly Fishing Report - February 15, 2019

Stream Update:  All the local trout streams such as Big Stoney Creek in Edinburg and Passage Creek in Fort Valley are full but fishable. 

My son is practically addicted to fishing midges for trout.  When he can see them rising to take the naturals 40 feet in front of him he just can't leave them. On one of the streams we fish I'll see Jeff working on a pod of midge feeders and I head downstream to fish a different part of the stream. When I come back several hours later he's still working on that same pod...he'll look up and reply, "I've caught several very large rainbows!"

I'm always amazed how selective midge feeding trout are to the form of the natural they feed upon. For example, a large rainbow feeding on the emerging midge may not take an adult midge and one right beside him which is feeding on adults may not take an emerger.

Actually, its easy to discern which form a specific trout is feeding upon. The trout which is sipping in adult midges leaves a delicate dimple rise form as he sucks in the natural. The trout feeding on an emerging midge as it heads for the surface of the stream leaves a splashy or swirling rise form as the inertia of his body breaks the surface.

My favorite flies for those trout feeding on the adults are the Mr. Rapidan Midge size 18 and 20, the Griffith Gnat size 16 and 18, Murray's Little Dark Stonefly Dry size 18 and Murray's Bronze Stonefly Dry size 18. Although I designed these last two for other hatches they leave a perfect light pattern for a midge feeder.

The trout feeding on emerging midges can often be caught with a Mr. Rapidan Olive Soft Hackle size 16, Copper John Zebra size 18 and 18, and Copper John Black size 16.

I fish the flies for the adult feeder with a dead drift slack line cast on a 9ft 7X Classic Leader. I fish to the emerging feeders with a gentle fly-lifting action on a 9ft 7X Classic Leader. 

Big Stoney in Edinburg, Passage Creek in Fort Valley and Back Creek all have good midge hatches.

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