Stocked Trout Stream Fly Fishing Report - January 27, 2021

Posted by Jeff Murray on

Many large rainbows have recently been stocked in Virginia's delayed harvest streams and stocked put-and-take streams. Several anglers have stopped in the fly shop to tell me they are catching trout on a two-nymph tandem rig. A combination that is very effective for me is to attach a Murray's Dark Stonefly Nymph size 12 to a Classic 7.5ft 3X hand tied leader, then add 24 inches of 4X to this hook bend with an improved clinch knot then tie a Murray's Olive Roadkill Nymph size 8 to this.  Fish this across stream in the deep pools, stripping it 6 inches every 5 seconds to swim it across the stream bottom. 

Big Stoney Creek west of Edinburg and Passage Creek along Rt. 678 in Fort Valley were stocked last week.  You can get more information on these streams and other streams at the Virginia DWR website or stop by the fly shop.

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