Stocked Trout Streams & Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Report - December 31, 2020

Posted by Jeff Murray on

Many trout in the delayed harvest streams in Virginia and the large stocked trout streams throughout the mid-Atlantic area have adapted well to the streams and the natural minnows they hold. 

I find that I catch more large trout when I use streamers which match the natural minnows the trout feed on. I use the Spuddler size 8 to match the sculpin minnows. I use the Murray's Heavy Chub Streamer size 8 to match the chub minnows and the Murray's Black Madtom/Sculpin size 8 to match the natural madtoms and sculpins. 

All of the local stocked trout streams such as Big Stoney Creek (west of Edinburg), Passage Creek (in Fort Valley) and Mill Creek (in Mount Jackson) are currently clear and at perfect water levels from the recent rains.  That could change if we get heavy rains over the New Year weekend. 

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