Stocked Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - January 14, 2021

Posted by Jeff Murray on

The fish are feeding on midges in the stocked trout streams. These trout can be challenging but by tapering down to 6X or 7X and using slack line casts, the action can be great. 

If you see dimple riseforms, the fish are sipping adults from the surface. Here a Mr. Rapidan Midge size 20 or a Griffith Gnat size 18 will catch them. If you see splashy riseforms, the fish are taking emerging midges. Here a Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle, Olive size 16 or a Copper John Zebra size 18 will take them.

There have been many streams stocked in the last week within the surrounding counties so check the DWR page for the latest updates.

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