Stocked Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report- January 9, 2020

Posted by Harry Murray on

I'm now using a Sink Tip III line with a Murray's Fluorocarbon (Sinking) 6ft 3X Leader in order to fish my streamers deeply. The Shenandoah Silver Ghost Streamer and Shenandoah Skunk Streamer size 10 are both excellent by swimming them across the stream bottom and stripping them 4 inches every 4 seconds. The strikes are gentle so set the hook quickly at the first hint of a strike.

Passage Creek in Fort Valley was stocked last week. All of the local stocked trout streams have good water levels and are fishable.  If you need help finding access on these streams, stop by the fly shop and we will go over the maps/access with you.

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