Stocked Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - July 13, 2019

Posted by Harry Murray on

Update for July 13 at 2p.m..  Big Stoney Creek in Edinburg in slightly discolored but is fishable.  Passage Creek in Fort Valley is clear and fishable.  

The natural cricket is an early riser and on streams like the Hidden Valley of the Jackson and Big Stoney Creek west of Edinburg you can take advantage of this. Cast a Shenk's Cricket size 14 in tight to the bank and twitch it out with a firm four inch line hand kicking action every four seconds as you swim it into the middle of the stream. The strike usually comes when the Cricket is within a foot of the bank.


Stop by the fly shop in Edinburg, VA and check out our master map with access to fish Big Stoney Creek. .

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