Stocked Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - November 19, 2020

Posted by Jeff Murray on

The five nymphs I discussed last week for the delayed harvest and large stocked trout streams is still working this week.  At this time of year these seldom let me down. I normally fish these across stream on a floating line unless the streams get high or discolored then I switch to a sinking tip III line.

  • Murray's Dark Stonefly Nymph size 12
  • Murray's Road Kill Nymph, Olive size 8
  • Casual Dress Nymph size 10
  • Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle Olive size 8
  • Caddis Pupa Olive size 12

All of the local stocked trout streams are clear and fishable at this time. 

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