Stocked Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - October 17, 2019

Stocked Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - October 17, 2019


You can catch many of the large stocked trout that feed on the large nymphs which live on the stream bottom in the riffles and just below them. My three favorite nymphs for these conditions are the Murray's Skunk Roadkill Nymph size 8, Murray's Regular Hellgrammite Black size 10, and Murray's Olive Strymph size 10.

As of October 1 if you plan on fishing in the stocked areas of the streams then you are required to have a freshwater license in addition to the trout license.

Stream Conditions:   The local streams such as Big Stoney Creek (Edinburg) last stocked Oct. 10, Mill Creek (Mount Jackson), and Passage Creek (Fort Valley) last stocked Oct. 4 are clear and fishable. 

A note from VDGIF: Due to construction/renovation activities at the Front Royal Fish Hatchery the Delayed Harvest Area on Passage Creek (Warren Co.) will not be stocked and closed to fishing until further notice.  This is due to stocking and angler access constraints and public safety concerns. It is anticipated to be re-opened by October 1, 2020.

Stop by the fly shop in Edinburg, VA and check out our master map with access to fish the local streams.

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