Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report February 20, 2017

Fly Fishing Report for Trout

Mountain Trout Streams: Due to the present warm weather, the mountain trout streams are warm enough to fish. Come into the heads of the streams from the Blue Ridge Parkway, National Forest Roads and Skyline Drive. The best flies now are the Mr. Rapidan Parachute size 14, Spirit of Pittsford Mills size 14 and Murray’s Professor Dry size 14

Mountain Trout Flies


Delayed Harvest and Large Trout Streams: As the large streams begin getting warmer, the natural minnows become active. They are thus exposed to the trout who feed aggressively upon them. Many of these trout feed in the deep pockets below the riffles where an upstream bounce retrieve with the Murray’s Pearl Marauder size 10, Murray’s Black Marauder size 10 and Murray’s Chartreuse Marauder size 10 are all effective. The materials and tying style we use enable these flies to produce a very realistic minnow action with this jigging action.

Stocked Trout Stream Flies

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