Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - Update March 4, 2023

Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - Update March 4, 2023

Stocked Trout Streams - All of the local stocked trout streams are in beautiful shape. The recent rains are keeping the water levels up. Passage Creek was stocked last week in the delayed harvest section and  put and take section on the lower access off of Route 678 (Fort Valley Road).  The upper section of Passage Creek was also stocked off of Crisman Hollow Road. Keep in mind that the National Forest Service closes the gate to Crisman Hollow Road during the winter months so if you plan to fish this area, be prepared to hike.  The flies I mentioned last week--Murray's Dark Stonefly Dry size 16 and Murray's Dark Stonefly Nymph size 14 are still working this week. 

Update for March 4, 2023  

The Skyline Drive is now open to vehicles from Front Royal to Waynesboro. Expected high winds today, so watch for downed trees.  Keep an eye out for updates on social media and the alert system. You can sign up for alerts by texting SHENALERTS to 888777.

Posted March 1, 2023  Mountain Trout Streams -- The Epeorus pleuralis mayfly nymph are becoming quite large. In their preparation for emerging shortly they move to the downstream section of the riffles. An excellent tactic is to fish the Mr. Rapidan Bead Head Nymph size 14 on a Murray's Trout Nymph 5X leader. Fish this upstream dead drift to the lower part of the riffle.  Other flies that are working well this week--Copper John (Zebra) size 14, Bead Head Squirrel size 14, Perdigon Nymph size 14, and if you desire to use a dry, a Mr. Rapidan Parachute size 14.  Consider using this dry with nymph as a dropper.  The Blue Quills should be starting anytime within the next week or so.  Check out our new Blue Quill Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly.

All of the Shenandoah National Park is open at this time. You will have better water levels by coming in off the Skyline Drive.  Some of the lower streams are still carrying some extra water. If we get bad weather sometimes the Park will close the Skyline Drive for a day until the road conditions improve.  See their Facebook page for updates. 

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