Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - November 5, 2022

Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - November 5, 2022

Part 1--Stocked Trout Streams

The VA DWR is continuing to stock various streams throughout Virginia with rainbows, browns and some brook trout. I have been told that some streams are still too low and they will not be stocked until we get some rain to bring the levels up.  The Murray's Tungsten Bead Head Marauder size 10 is a great streamer to use to get down in the deeper pools.  If you don't need to get that deep, then use a Shenandoah Simple Streamer size 10.  If you are not interested in keeping the trout, then fish the delayed harvest streams.  The delayed harvest section on Passage Creek is open again after being closed for two years while they were working on the hatchery beside it.  Regardless which area you fish, be sure to have your trout license when fishing the stocked trout streams and in some cases you will also need the National Forest Permit.   Update:  11/5/22  Big Stoney Creek in Edinburg was stocked this week.


To see the latest information on which streams were stocked, visit the DWR website.

Part 2 - Mountain Trout Streams

The brook trout are still spawning so I do not personally fish these streams in the Fall months.  I prefer to fish these streams in the Spring when the water levels and hatches are optimal. I do have some customers that just prefer to fish these streams all year long.  The water levels are low since we haven't had much rain.  The Murray's Flying Beetle size 14 and and Mr. Rapidan Ant size 14 are doing well on the brook trout streams. 

If you are interested in learning more about the mountain trout streams, I have several options for you.

  1. Attend one of our On The Stream Mountain Trout Schools in the Spring 2022
  2. Attend our classroom discussion on the Shenandoah National Park fishing (various dates throughout the winter.) 
  3. See my book Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park



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