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Smallmouth Bass Full Day Fly Fishing School

Smallmouth Bass Full Day Fly Fishing School

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Do you want to Learn to Fly Fish? Our Full Day On-the-Stream Fly Fishing Schools are a great introduction to fly fishing.  Since 1962 Harry Murray has honed these schools to be the most informative Fly Fishing Lessons available. From the beginner to the most advanced anglers, these schools cover techniques and tactics used in both bass and trout fly fishing.

We conduct the Full Day On-the-Stream Schools at the fly shop in Edinburg, VA. Each day begins with a presentation at the fly shop then we drive to either the North or South Fork of the Shenandoah River to spend the remainder of the day on the water learning to Fly Fish.

Once on the river our knowledgeable and patient instructors will work with you one on one to improve your fly fishing skills, tactics and techniques.  We customize the On-the-Stream Fly Fishing portion of these schools to meet your specific needs and goals. The format we follow creates a great Introduction to Fly Fishing Class.  These schools provide you with the most comprehensive experience available.  You will come away  prepared to fish Smallmouth Bass rivers and large trout streams. You will learn, or brush up on, casting, fly fishing equipment selection (fly rod/fly reel/ fly line/ flies/ wading gear), knot tying, reading water, entomology and all aspects of fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass. We spend the majority of the time on the stream to maximize your individual learning experience so come prepared to wade in the river and fish for several hours.

We provide high quality Fly Rods/ Fly Reels for you to use during these schools. We have Specially Priced Fly Rod Outfits for those wishing to purchase their own fly fishing outfit. (Lodging,  Wading Gear & Tackle & Flies are not included.)

What You Bring/Provide:

  1. Virginia Freshwater Fishing License (available at our fly shop) or online at,
  2. Chest High Waders are highly recommended for May and early June. From mid June through August we wade wet (wading shoes/no waders) and highly recommend a supportive pair of wading shoes for the day. Hip Boots are not adequate for the Shenandoah River.
  3. Change of Clothes, Raincoat, Camera (optional)
  4. Lunch, Water, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent .
  5. You may purchase flies, leaders, fly boxes and other tools/ gadgets at the school if needed.

Upon registering for our On-the-Stream Schools, we will send an email with details about where to meet, what to bring, places to stay, etc.

We keep the student to instructor ratio small to maximize your learning experience. Cost of school: $196.00 per person

School Disclaimer & Guidelines

On-the-Stream Schools and lessons are conducted on the stream/ river. Our goal is to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible. Many factors are beyond our control such as; heat, cold, rain, briars, tall grass, poison ivy, slippery rocks, ticks, mosquitos, etc.  These schools involve moving around in the water and along the stream. Please come prepared to spend the day outside.  

*We strongly encourage wearing hard sole fishing boots and waders from April through mid-June.  
*We strongly encourage wearing hard sole fishing boots when wet wading (mid-June through August).
*We do not recommend open toe sandals, flip flops, aqua socks or kayak style booties.
Long pants are recommended when wading wet since they will provide some protection from briars, grass and poison ivy, rocks, etc.  A wading staff is strongly recommended to anyone unfamiliar with wading in the streams and rivers of the Shenandoah Valley.  Activity on the stream is roughly equal to walking up 8 flights of stairs over 15 minutes.  Please make an honest assessment of your abilities.  Should you find this difficult, please give us a call (540-984-4212) to discuss the best option to ensure a pleasurable experience learning to fly fish.

Cancellation Policy–If you cancel 60 days before the date of your school, a full refund will be given. With any shorter notice, your refund will be issued through a gift certificate from our fly shop less a $50 cancellation fee.