Mountain Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report- May 8, 2018

Posted by Harry Murray on

Light Cahill Dry, Mr. Rapidan Brown Soft Hackle Nymph and Murray's Yellow Drake.
The unusual weather we have had this year has produced some excellent light cahill mayfly hatches. The duns can come off all day and the trout feed heavily on both the emergers and the drys. John Snyder, one of the finest anglers I have ever known and close friend, was a master of this hatch on Falling Springs. He out-fished the rest of us by fishing a soft hackle all day even when many trout were taking the duns. A good tactic to cover all our your needs on this hatch is to fish a Murray's Yellow Drake size 16 or a Light Cahill Dry size 16 on a Murray's Classic 7.5 foot 5X Leader with a Mr. Rapidan Brown Soft Hackle Nymph size 16 on a twenty four inch 6X dropper below it. Great Action!

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