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Murray's Drake Fly

Murray's Drake Fly

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Murray's Drake Dry Fly Series

Yellow Drake: From May until fall there are many yellowish flies on many streams which the trout feed upon that will take this high-floating drake well. These include the Cream Cahill, Sulphur, Pale Evening Dun, Light Cahill, Yellow Drake and Little Yellow Quill. Most of these are heaviest on the streams from mid-afternoon until dark.

Brown Drake: From the March Brown Hatch for trout to the Brown Drake Hatch for smallmouths this dry fly will give you many hours of great fishing. It is superb when the Isonychia hatch is on throughout the east and when the Brown Drake (Ephemeridae) is on in the west. Generally good from April to October.

Olive Drake:  This is outstanding throughout the country in all types of water from March to November. The large trout from the AuSable in New York to the headwater streams in the Smokies take this readily in size 14 when the green drake hatch is on. Likewise the beatis feeders throughout the country in our tailwater streams rise confidently to this in size 16.