Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report- February 28, 2017

Mountain Trout Streams:
 The mountain trout streams are gradually warming and we are catching some nice trout with nymphs which match the Epeorus pleuralis mayflies which is our first heavy hatch. My three favorite flies to match these naturals are the Mr. Rapidan Bead Head Nymph size 14, Mr. Rapidan Olive Soft Hackle Nymph size 14 and Quill Gordon Nymph size 14. Fish these upstream dead drift on a Murray's Trout Nymph 9 foot 5X Leader.

Murray's Pearl Marauder, Murray's Chartreuse Marauder and Murray's Black Marauder.
Delayed Harvest and Large Trout Streams:
 In addition to the pockets below the riffles many large trout feed on minnows along the streambottom in the deep pools. Fishing  the Murray's Pearl Marauder size 10, Murray's Black Marauder size 10 and Murray's Chartreuse Marauder size 10 with a Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink Tip III Fly Line will enable you to swim these flies deeply with an across stream presentation.

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