Collection: Popper Series

These are my favorite and most dependable surface bugs.  They are very effective on all bass waters.

The Shenandoah Blue Popper is my favorite and most productive surface bug and it is our best selling bug.  Fish this along the shaded river banks by stripping it four inches every ten seconds to swim it ten feet out.  Successive casts are made every five feet further along the bank as you wade or float down the river.  Also fish it upstream in the tails of the pools at dusk over water from two to four feet deep.


Fish the Black Damsel Popper right against the aquatic grassbeds, brush piles and log jams.  Be ready for the strike as soon as it lands on the river because large bass often cruise these areas to feed on natural damselflies.  If no strike comes within the first ten seconds use a slow strip-pause-strip action to fish it out ten feet then pick it up and cast it to a new spot five feet further along the cover.


The Chartreuse Popper is excellent when fished around the river crossing ledges in mid river.  I wade upstream to within forty feet of the downstream sides of these ledges and cast this bug upstream so it lands within a foot of the ledge and fish it out slowly.  I wade slowly across the river making every successive cast five feet further along the ledge.