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Embark on your fly fishing journey with Murray's Fly Shop, offering expert Virginia Fly Fishing Lessons since 1962. Our knowledgeable and patient instructors make learning to fly fish enjoyable and rewarding. Join us for an unforgettable experience on the water.

Learn to Fly Fish for Native Brook Trout in Virginia - George Washington National Forest and Shenandoah National Park

Slow down, reconnect with nature, and enjoy quality time outdoors through fly fishing. At Murray's Fly Shop, we believe in hands-on learning experiences.

Explore our Workshops, Classes, and On-The-Stream Schools for immersive learning.
Prefer reading? Dive into our Fly Fishing Articles and Blog, or browse our selection of Fishing Books. If videos are more your style, discover our Nuts and Bolts Fly Fishing Videos and DVDs & Downloadable How to Videos. Start your fly fishing journey today!

Discover the art of fly fishing in Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley with our immersive On The Stream Fly Fishing Lessons. Whether targeting Smallmouth Bass or Native Brook Trout, our hands-on approach ensures an enjoyable learning experience. Join us for unforgettable lessons amidst stunning natural beauty. Book your adventure today!

Fly Tying Class - Murray's Fly Shop - Woodstock Brewhouse

Learn to Tie Flies in one of our Hands On Fly Tying Classes  Master the art of fly tying in our hands-on classes in Edinburg, VA.  Join us for immersive Fly Tying Classes throughout the winter months at the fly shop in Edinburg, Virginia, where you'll learn essential techniques.

Learn to Fly Fish in one of our Hands On Fly Fishing Workshop--
Experience the thrill of fly fishing with our immersive Hands-On Fly Fishing Workshops held at our Edinburg, VA fly shop throughout the winter months. Join us for two-hour sessions covering Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Nymphing Techniques, Shenandoah Fly Fishing, and Fly Casting. Dive into the world of fly fishing with expert instruction and practical skills. Book your workshop today!

Learn to fly fish - On the stream Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing lessons - Murray's Fly Shop

Virginia Smallmouth Bass on the Shenandoah River--Fly Fishing Lessons

New to fly fishing or seeking a deeper understanding? Want to cast your flies farther or simply learn the basics? Our On-The-Stream Fly Fishing Classes offer the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your technique, join us for an enriching experience on the water. Discover the joy of fly fishing with expert guidance. Sign up for a class today!

Learning to cast a fly rod in a Murray's Fly Shop Fly Fishing School on the water

 Whether you're a novice or seasoned angler, our fly fishing schools and classes offer valuable insights and experiences. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley while learning from passionate instructors. Discover the joy of fly fishing and the simple pleasures of outdoor life. Join us for an unforgettable journey on the water.

Since 1962, we've been sharing our love of fly fishing with thousands of enthusiasts like you. Our carefully selected instructors, chosen by Harry himself, are dedicated to passing on this passion. Join our fly fishing schools, classes, and workshops to experience the great outdoors with friends and family, rod in hand. Let us ignite your love for fly fishing. Start your journey with us today.

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