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3 in 1 Knot Tying Tool

3 in 1 Knot Tying Tool

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Finally, a tool that all anglers can use to tie their favorite knots. Small and light enough to fit in your vest pocket, put in a tackle box or hang from your clothing. Each end has a special function to tie different knots. All anglers will realize benefits from the step by step booklet featuring 17+ popular knots. Fly fishermen will especially enjoy how simple the Nail Knot is made with this tool.

  • grooved end for quick and easy Nail Knots and Snelling hooks
  • Easy Fly and Hook Threader
  • Up and Down spring action with stainless steel spring
  • knot tying end, precision contact firmly grips line without causing damage
  • attachment loop to clip onto vest or clothing

Made in the USA    Watch VIDEO