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August Bass Fly Special

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   Large populations of damselfly nymphs and dragonfly nymphs live in the aquatic grass beds and the bass feed heavily on them, especially as they approach the stream surface to hatch. Frequently you will see disturbances right beside the grass beds as the bass are feeding. I cast a Murray's Bass Damselfly or Murray's Bass Dragonfly in close to the grass. I impart a slow series of 2-inch twitches to my fly as I fish it out ten feet to mimic the just emerged natural fly. Repeating this tactic every five feet around these aquatic grass beds often catches many large bass. 

Special includes:

* 1-Red Damselfly size 6
* 1-Blue Damselfly size 6
* 1-Blue Damselfly size 8
* 1-Olive Dragonfly size 8
* 1-Brown Dragonfly size 6
* 1-Brown Dragonfly size 8
* 2-Mr. Rapidan Skater size 8

(8 flies total)