Carp Fly Special

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When I'm bass fishing or teaching schools I always keep an eye out for feeding carp.
   Carp which are tailing in water one or two feet deep are a real challenge but with careful wading and accurate casting you can catch them.  Casting a Murray's Olive Marauder size 8 up and across stream so it lands 5 feet upstream of the carp and drifts naturally to him is a productive technique.
     Another good option is when we are floating the river.  Here I keep an eye out along the river banks where the water is 3 to 6 feet deep over soft stream bottoms. Often I see muddy water drifting downstream from a carp rooting out nymphs from the stream bottom. Casting a Murray's Skunk Roadkill Nymph size 8 five feet upstream of the feeding area will take many carp.  Other good flies are the Murray's Carp Fly in both brown and olive in sizes 6 

Special includes:

  • 2-Murray's Olive Marauder size 8
  • 2-Murray's Skunk Road Kill Nymph size 8
  • 2-Murray's Carp Fly Brown size 6
  • 2-Murray's Carp Fly Olive size 6