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Digital Download Trout Stream Fly Fishing book by Harry Murray

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Download the Digital format of Harry Murray's Trout Stream Fly Fishing book directly to your computer to read at your leisure.

Standing beside a beautiful little mountain trout stream as the last rays of sunlight dance off the silvery surface of the pool before you a trout rises to delicately sip in a natural insect drifting on the surface. Seconds later he sucks another insect from the surface and this time you see the trout as he turns below the surface.
You are very excited by this beautiful display of one of Nature’s most highly respected creatures at work. But more than this, you are personally challenged. You want to match your skills against the highly refined natural instincts of this trout. For that matter, you want to find other trout in other streams against which you can test your talents.
This is a very worthy quest because the gratifications one receives from mastering these angling challenges are extremely rewarding. The purpose of this book is to enable you to refine your angling skills so you can enjoy fishing for trout throughout the country.
By investigating the demands of the trout and his natural foods we’ll see how we can select the best flies to use in various situations. The discussion of tackle and the instructions in casting will show you how to select and use the proper fly tackle. You’ll see how to read the water and spot the trout in the stream so your time on the stream becomes a very rewarding personal experience upon which you will grow with each successive trip.
In order to refine your technique we’ll start in the spring and fish our way through the whole season. We’ll meet and master all of the conditions we confront from the high, cold streams in the spring to the low, clear streams late in the summer.
Basically, you’ll learn to accurately evaluate all of the stream conditions from the trout’s point of view. Yes, you’ll learn to think like a trout.