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Exclusive Fly Patterns Tying Instructions

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This book contains 32 of the flies we have developed. Included are nymphs, drys, streamers and surface bugs effective for both trout and bass across the country. Each fly pattern includes a color photograph, the components used in the fly and complete step by step directions for tying your own flies. Included patterns: Mr. Rapidan Ant, Mr. Rapidan Bead Head, Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Caddis, Mr. Rapidan Dry, Mr. Rapidan Emerger, Mr. Rapidan Midge, Mr. Rapidan Parachute, Mr. Rapidan Skater, Mr. Rapidan Streamer, Bass Hopper, Blue Damsel & Olive Dragonfly Skater, Blue Dragon Deer Hair Bug, Chub Streamer, Cranefly Larva, Standard Crawfish, Dry Stonefly Series, Flying Beetle, Frisky Frog Deer Hair Bug, Hellgrammite, Housefly, James Wood Bucktail, Marauder, Redhead Deer Hair Bug, Road Kill Nymph, Shenandoah Hair Poppers, Shiner Streamer, Strymph, Sunfish Streamer & Wounded Minnows.