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Fly Line Cleaner

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Easily clean all of the dirt and grime from your fly line with the Scientific Anglers Fly Line Cleaner. During use, fly lines naturally accumulate dirt and residue. This causes your fly line to sit low in the surface film or gradually sink causing difficulty with casting and fly presentation. Using this cleaner as instructed will effectively remove the dirt and residue, restoring the floatation and slickness of the fly line.

  • Imbedded dirt on the surface of fly lines, retains water which causes them to sink, proper cleaning restores fly line performance
  • Specifically for lines with AST and AST+, but works with all fly lines
  • Clean rinsing, biodegradable formula
  • Simply soak, wipe and rinse your fly lines
  • Regular cleaning increases longevity
  • 4 oz.