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  • Black
  • Fly Rite Dubbing Material
  • Blue Wing Olive
  • bright yellow
  • caddis pupa
  • chartreuse
  • chocolate brown
  • dark gray
  • dark olive
  • dark reddish brown
  • dark tan
  • golden amber
  • golden yellow
  • inchworm green
  • light gray
  • light hendrickson
  • light olive
  • light tan
  • olive sulphur
  • orange
  • pale morning dun
  • pale watery yellow
  • quill gordon
  • rust
  • rusty orange
  • white
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Fly Rite

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This is my favorite dubbing for dry fly bodies because it floats wee and it is so fine that it is easy to build tapered bodies from as small as size 24 up to size 6.  I use the Quill Gordon color on all of my Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly and Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry Fly patterns.