Guide To Maryland Trout Fishing

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This is the most important piece of equipment a Maryland trout fisherman can have. It details the top trout streams as well as how to get to them and exactly what gear to use. Because Charlie and Larry have spent time on these waters they are able to give seasonal hints as well as the exact pattern needed to fool the trout. It is a superb piece of work. - Lefty Kreh

Charlie Gelso and Larry Coburn's Guide to Maryland Trout Fishing offers straightforward instruction because on first-hand experience. No local trout anglers should be without it. They will point you to quality catch-and-release fishing and advise on what to do when you get there, with clear maps and clear writing. The Second Edition advances the excellent work of the first. - Angus Phillips, Outdoors Editor The Washington Post

One of the major limitations facing today's fisherman is "free time." With it being at such a premium, expectations are for maximum return for minimal effort. This book contains useful information on Maryland's premier trout streams that will help anglers catch more fish and better enjoy their time on the water. The authors' cast knowledge and passion for trout fishing is apparent throughout its page. It is like having a professional fishing guide at your fingertips. - Mike O'Brien, Editor Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide magazine

Charlie and Larry have revised their earlier high quality trout fishing guide with more streams, updated text and maps. Even if you have their first edition, this Second Edition is now required reading before your next trip to any of Maryland's choice trout waters. Fly tiers may discover some previously secret patterns to vastly improve their fishing. The anglers will want to head for one of these streams immediately after reading the authors' extensive details and suggestions. Take it with you! - Jay Sheppard

By: Charlie Gelso and Larry Coburn

Paperback, 144 pages