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Handbook of Hatches

Handbook of Hatches

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"In Handbook of Hatches, Dave Hughes balances instruction and anecdote so that they support each other and give the reader a fresh, uncomplicated, and often entertaining look at the important trout stream insects." -Paul Schullery

"Dave Hughes has done anglers a great favor by clearing an English-language path through the Latin thicket surrounding the subject of trout-stream entomology. He tells fly fishermen just what they need to know to match almost an hatch ―and he tells it clearly, painlessly, and without a pinch of jargon. Most books on aquatic entomology are difficult to read; this one is fun." - Steve Raymond

"A wealth of material which will enable the fly fisher to easily expand his knowledge of aquatic insects." - Charles E. Brooks

"A fine piece of work. a lot f fly fishermen need this book." - Polly Rosborough

Dave Hughes is a professional writer and amateur aquatic entomologist that has spend most of his life writing and fly fishing. Hughes says he wrote Handbook of Hatches because "the process of matching hatches needed to be simplified. It was getting too complicated. There was a need for an introductory guide to get people into the study of trout stream insects without scaring them off with lost of taxonomy and Latin. None of that is necessary to match hatches and catch trout."

By: Dave Hughes

Paperback, 276 pages.