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June Trout Fly Special

June Trout Fly Special

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   My stream notes show that we often have sulphur mayflies all of June although some text books imply they are over by mid-June. The duns start coming off at midday and the spinners normally come back at dusk. However, I've had many late-June evenings on the Letort when it was actually dark when some of the spinners returned to the stream. I had to fish more by feel than by sight.  My favorite flies for the this hatch are Murray's Sulphur Dry and Shenk's Sulphur Dry size 16 & 18. Often on the mountain streams I do best with these flies in size 18 fished on 7X. 
   The Little Yellow Stoneflies are on all this month and the trout feed well on the adults. As with the small sulphurs, when I'm fishing the flat mountain pools in the Blue Ridge, I often get my best results with size 18 Murray's Little Yellow Stoneflies fished on 7X using slack line casts. 
   The green sedge caddis is on the mountain streams the last half of June. The Elk Hair Caddis (olive) or Barbless Caddis size 16 fished upstream into the riffles with a twitching action is very effective. 

Includes : (2 of each fly)

  • Murray's Sulphur Dry size 16
  • Murray's Sulphur Dry size 18
  • Shenk's Sulphur Dry size 16
  • Shenk's Sulphur Dry size 18
  • Murray's Little Yellow Stonefly Dry size 16
  • Shenandoah Yellow Sally size 16
  • Elk Hair Caddis, Olive size 16
  • Barbless Caddis size 16
  • 1-Murray's Classic 7.5ft 6X Leader
  • (16 flies total)