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MFS Bright Butt Leader Kit

MFS Bright Butt Leader Kit

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Tie Your Own Leaders!  Murray's Fly Shop Bright Butt Leader Building Kit comes with all the material and formulas for building our Bright Butt fly fishing leaders. These bright butt leaders are great for streamer fishing and we use these all summer long in our smallmouth bass schools

Kit Includes:

  • Amnesia 20lb
  • Amnesia 25lb
  • Orvis tippet 0x
  • Orvis tippet 1X
  • Orvis tippet 2X
  • Orvis tippet 3X
  • Orvis tippet 4X
  • Orvis tippet 5X
  • Orvis tippet 6X
  • Orvis tippet 02X (.013)
  • Orvis tippet 04X (.015)
  • Formulas for tying 9 foot leaders