Mr. Rapidan Spinner

Mr. Rapidan Spinner

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I have developed the new Mr. Rapidan Spinner to enable us to catch those challenging trout that feed on the Olive Mayfly Spinners in the fall and winter and on the Quill Gordon and March Brown Spinners in the spring.

In the East I start seeing the olive spinner fall in early October. They are very heavy by mid November and they are heavy off and on all winter.

In the West heavy olive spinner falls start in September, become very heavy in October and November and can occur during the winter. I've seen the naturals lying wing to wing in pods in the slow water on the Yellowstone River in October. The Mr. Rapidan Spinner size 16 is very effective in these conditions.

In the East I've seen clouds of Epeorus pleuralis mayfly spinners over the streams at dusk from the middle of March until the middle of April. Then from the middle of April until the middle of May we have great Stenonema vicarium mayfly spinner falls. During both of these periods the Mr. Rapidan Spinner size 14 is very effective.