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Murray's Bass Damselfly Dry

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Bass Damselfly Dry Fly

Last summer many of you asked me to develop a better Blue Damsel Dry Fly for smallmouth bass than the existing patterns. After studying the feeding habits of the bass when they were taking natural damselflies I realized we needed to cover two needs with one fly. Those bass we see jumping to take the naturals in mid-river responded best to a dry damselfly I could skate across the river. The bass feeding on drifting natural damselflies against the grass beds on the sides of the river were easily caught with a fly which could be fished with a noisy strip-pause-strip action (much like we accomplish with the Shenandoah Blue Popper). After a great amount of experimenting, our new Murray's Bass Damselfly Dry Fly evolved. It is very productive in all types of water and is tied to be a durable pattern with good floatation.  You don't have to dress this fly with dry fly floatant but it will float better if you apply a floatant such as Scientific Anglers Dry Fly Floatant periodically (especially if you are skating this fly in faster current).