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Murray's Crayfish Assortment

Murray's Crayfish Assortment

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There are many natural crayfish in the smallmouth bass rivers and in the stocked trout streams throughout Virginia. Anytime I am on a stream and I pick up a rock to see crayfish scurrying around then I immediately put a crayfish on my leader. 

Includes: (7 flies total)

  • 1-Murray's Crayfish, Olive size 6
  • 1-Murray's Crayfish, Olive size 10
  • 1-Murray's Crayfish, Brown size 6
  • 1-Murray's Crayfish, Brown size 10
  • 2-Clouser Crayfish, Olive size 6
  • 1-Clouser Crayfish, Dark Brown Turkey size 8
  • comes in a 4 compartment fly box with flies labeled