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Murray's Dry Caddis Fly Assortment

Murray's Dry Caddis Fly Assortment

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The adult caddisfly is the dry fly anglers friend because unlike the mayflies and stoneflies some of the caddisflies are present from spring until fall. The trout get to know them well and feed on them constantly.

The Mr. Rapidan Olive Delta Wing Caddis can match naturals which range from dark green to dark olive in sizes 14 and 16. I often see the naturals bouncing on the surface below the fast riffles in the evening. They can be heavy in the spring but it is not unusual to see them in the fall in the cold riffles. I fish this on 6X to the fish I see rising and to just cover the water with a slow twitching action.

The Mr. Rapidan Black Delta Wing Caddis actually passes for two different natural caddis, the chimney case builder and the Blue Ridge Mountain stick bait. These are heavy from early April until mid June. Hatching in mid day some drift for several feet attached to the surface film. I fish this on 7 1/2ft 6X leader with a dead drift or slight sliding action over the whole pool to trout I see feeding or to just cover the water.

The Mr. Rapidan Tan Delta Wing Caddis.  Many of these caddis hatch in slow sections of the pools during the summer on warm afternoons. At dusk I see many laying eggs in the edges of the slow water. The streams are often low at this time of the year so I use a cautious approach when I see a rising trout--often going to my hands and knees. In order to assure a drag-free drift I usually present my caddis with a slack line cast.

Assortment includes: 2 of each fly in each size

*Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Caddis, Tan size 14 & 16
*Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Caddis, Olive size 14 & 16
*Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Caddis, Black size 14 & 16
*Comes in a 6 compartment fly box with flies labeled