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Murray's Fly Shop Indicator - 3 per pack

Murray's Fly Shop Indicator - 3 per pack

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The Murray's Fly Shop Indicator is our new version to replace the old Scientific Angler Indicator that is no longer available.  These indicators are about 1-inch of orange material that can easily be slipped onto your leader. They can be used as a strike detector, for depth perception, and as a fly finder. The indicator is so small that they do not hamper casting in any way.  

Many uses of the Murray's Fly Shop Indicator

One of the most popular products we sell are the Murray’s Trout Nymphing Leader. These are 9 feet long with a hand tied compound taper with Indicators incorporated. The first indicator is 3 feet above the fly and a second indicator 6 feet above the fly. We build these in 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X.

Our smallmouth leaders are built with a different formula. Here we are using larger flies and we frequently fish our nymphs and streamers deeply. These Bright Butt Leaders are 9ft long built with a compound knotted formula with one Indicator in the butt section. I then install another indicator 5 feet up from the fly for my personal fishing and for the students in our schools. This leader enables me to quickly show each student how to evaluate the swing and proper mending of the streamer fished across stream.

An even greater value of the Indicator comes through when I’m teaching each student my “swing nymphing technique”. This is a slightly different version of Charlie Brooks deep fishing nymph technique which Brooks taught me on the Madison River. With the swing nymphing technique, the indicators are used to help the angler see if he is getting his nymph down deep.

When I’m fishing the sloughs in the Rockies for large trout cruising to feed on midges I often fish a size 24 Mr. Rapidan Midge Dry. In order to help me spot these artificial flies on the surface I cut a 1/4 inch strip of an Indicator and slide it onto my Classic 9ft 7X leader four feet above the fly. I can easily spot this on the stream and then by lifting my line of sight see my dry fly just beyond it. I’m not using it as an indicator here but as a fly-finder.