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Murray's Madtom Sculpin Fly Tying Kit

Murray's Madtom Sculpin Fly Tying Kit

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These kits are designed for tyers that have mastered the basic fly tying lessons and are ready to tie their own flies. This kit comes with all the materials needed to tie 50 flies (in bass sizes 6 and 8) and includes a material list so you can restock when needed, fly tying instructions, and a picture of the finished fly.  We have included materials in the kit so you can tie the madtom sculpin in the black or olive color.

The Murray's Madtom Sculpin is a productive bass fly for fishing in water from 3 to 6 feet deep over cobblestone bottoms where there is a medium current.  Often this would be in the slick water above the tails of the pools.

Visescissors, and bobbin are not included but can be purchased separately.

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