Murray's Shad Fly Assortment

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Every year I have customers calling and asking which flies to use for the shad fishing.  Normally I will start getting calls in March as the shad fishing can start in March and sometimes run through June.  This assortment contains 10 flies that are very effective for shad fishing.  I would recommend fishing all of these on a Bright Butt 9ft 2X Leader.

Included in assortment:

  • Marauder, Pearl size 6
  • Marauder, Black size 6
  • Marauder, Brown size 6
  • Marauder, Chartreuse size 6
  • Shenk's White Streamer size 6
  • James Wood Bucktail size 4
  • Dying Minnow, Dace size 6
  • Dying Minnow, Chub size 6
  • Cone Head Woolly Bugger, Black size 6
  • Cone Head Woolly Bugger, Olive size 6