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November Stocked Trout Fly Special

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  The delayed harvest streams and all of the large trout streams in the mid Atlantic area are being stocked with large trout. I have a good friend who concentrates on the large trout, saying he does not want to be bothered by having to release the little trout. 
   In order to do this, he uses only streamers. He carefully selects streamers which match the natural minnows the trout feed upon. The 5 colors in the Shenandoah Simple Streamer Series (size 6) helps him achieve this.

Special includes:

* 3-Shenandoah Streamer, Silver Ghost size 6
* 3-Shenandoah Streamer, Midnight size 6
* 3-Shenandoah Streamer, Sunrise size 6
* 3-Shenandoah Streamer, Skunk size 6
* 3-Shenandoah Streamer, Nine Three size 6

(15 flies total)