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Scientific Anglers Sonar Tropical Custom Tip Fly Line

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This is my favorite fast sinking head fly line to use on the Outer Banks on my 9-weight fly rod. Just cut the tip back to get the grain that you need for your outfit. 

  • Cut-to-fit design lets you cut the tip to the ideal weight for whichever species you're chasing
  • Excellent custom sinking line for saltwater species in tropical environments
  • goes deep and stays deep
  • Intermediate running line, fast-sinking head
  • Sink Rate 7.75ips
  • Comes with braided add-on loop
  • color: blue/black
Grain: 352 Cut 8' (9-11wt)
Grain: 338 Cut 9' (8-11wt)
Grain: 324 Cut 10' (8-11wt)
Grain: 310 Cut 11' (8-9wt)
Grain 296 Cut 12' (8-9wt)
Grain: 282 Cut 13' (8-9wt)
Grain: 268 Cut 14' (7-9wt)
Grain: 254 Cut 15' (7-8wt)