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Scott Centric 905/4 Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

Scott Centric 905/4 Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

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I have been testing them and find them a pleasure to use. I didn't think Scott Rod could top the Radian rod but they have. An experienced angling friend, after testing the Centric rod said, "This is the most efficient fly rod ever made. It brings line speed, stability and recovery speed to a whole new level." The high line speed and flat, stable loops are easily generated at any distance with minimal effort from the caster.  

Scott Centric 5-weight Fly Rod Outfit

comes with Centric 9ft 5-weight 4pc fly rod, case, lifetime warranty, Orvis Battenkill Disc III Reel, Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout WF-5-F Fly Line and backing