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Scott Wave 9ft 9-weight Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

Scott Wave 9ft 9-weight Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

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The Scott Wave 9ft 9-weight fly rod is designed for big fish and big flies.  It would be perfect for any saltwater fishing such as reds, pike, or permit.  This is a fast action rod that works well in big winds. 

  • Scott Wave 9ft 9-weight 4pc fly with lifetime warranty and rod case
  • Ross Evolution R Salt 9/10 Reel
  • Scientific Anglers Sink 30 Clear 350 Fly line
  • Orvis 20lb 200yds backing

I will be happy to put the line and backing on the reel before shipping.  Just let me know if you reel with your right or left hand.