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Trout Streams of Virginia 4th Edition

Trout Streams of Virginia 4th Edition

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This new, completely revised edition of Harry Slone's much praised guide to Virginia's beloved Blue Ridge watershed offers fly-anglers all they need to know. Melding good storytelling, solid science, and a seasoned angler's eye for fish and insect behavior, Slone not only guides you to some of the finest fishing spots in the region, but also helps deepen your appreciation and enjoyment when you get there. This guide includes complete information on access, stream conditions, and regulations. Tips on specific flies and tactics for specific waters will help everyone from the novice to the inveterate angler. He takes you to roadside rivers, pristine mountain creeks, and covers choice fee-based fishing on private streams and sporting lodges.

By: Harry Slone

Paperback, 192 pages