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Umpqua Perform X Nylon Tippet

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The new and improved nylon tippet and leader material from Umpqua. 

  • Exceptional knot strength
  • Abrasion resistant
 0X, 0.011" 16lb 30yd
1X, 0.010" 14lb 30yd
2X, 0.009" 11lb 30yd
3X, 0.008" 9lb 30yd
4X, 0.007" 7lb 30yd
5X, 0.006" 5.5lb 30yd
6X, 0.005" 3.5lb 30yd
7X, 0.004" 2.8lb 30yd
02X, 0.013" 18lb 30yd
04X, 0.015" 20lb 20yd
06X, 0.017" 30lb 15yd
010X, 0.021" 40lb. 10yd