Murray's Magnum Bass Streamer Assortment

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The Magnum Bass Streamer Series of flies is designed to imitate the most common minnows found in bass streams and rivers throughout North America.  The flies in this series such as the Magnum Bluegill and Magnum Darter are tied to provoke aggressive strikes from large bass.  In the early season these flies are fished best on a Wet Tip III Fly Line and 2x Fluorocarbon Sinking Line Leaders with a slow stripping motion.  As the water warms in summer, the bass become more aggressive, I like to fish these flies with quick but short strips on either a Floating Fly Line or a Wet Tip III depending on the speed and depth of the water.  Fall brings with it a state of "hyperphagia" as the bass try to pack on calories to hold them over the coming winter. The old adage, "Big flies for big fish" holds true particularly in the fall and into early winter.

This bass fly assortment comes in a 6 compartment fly box with the flies labeled so you can easily reorder if needed.


  • 2-Murray's Magnum Hog Sucker size 4
  • 1-Murray's Magnum Creek Chub size 4
  • 1-Murray's Magnum Darter size 4
  • 1-Murray's Magnum Chartreuse size 4
  • 1-Murray's Magnum Gray Ghost size 4
  • 1-Murray's Magnum Lizard size 4
  • 1-Murray's Magnum Bluegill size 4