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June 28

It is Sulphur and Stonefly Week at Murray's Fly Shop

   We are still getting some good sulphur dry fly fishing, but both the duns and the spinners are on the water later in the day than they were several weeks ago. The density and timing of these flies varies from stream to stream. On one of my favorite streams I don't see many duns until a half hour before dark and it is almost dark before the spinners return. To take advantage I set myself up so I'm fishing into the western horizon. Often the pewter glow on the stream's surface reveals several delicate rise forms giving me a target and exciting fishing. My favorite dry sulphurs are Shenk's Sulphur Dry size 16 and 18 and Murray's Sulphur size 16 and 18. 
   I'm really pleased to see the numbers of Little Yellow Stoneflies we still have on the streams. This is because Nature was good to us this spring and we had few rock-rolling floods that destroyed these fragile little nymphs. I'm seeing the adults hatching throughout the day and many trout are feeding well on them in the tails of the pools. Good dry patterns are Murray's Little Yellow Stonefly size 16 and 18, the Shenandoah Yellow Sally size 16, and Standard Little Yellow Stonefly size 16.