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June 21

It is Scott G2 Week at Murray's Fly Shop.  Save $125 on these Fly Rod and Reel Combos

I have a great amount of respect for the Scott Fly Rod Company for their dedication to building fly rods which excel for various purposes. For example the G2 Series are my favorite rods when I want accuracy and delicacy in trout fly placement. I use the G2 rods here in the East as well as in the Rockies.

  • The Scott G2 773/4pc rod is superb for fishing small streams all across the country with drys and nymphs from size 24 up to size 10. These load perfectly with the labeled line size and should not be over-lined.
  • The Scott G2 774/4pc rod is very versatile. The delicate tip will give great accuracy on all mountain streams with flies from size 22 up to size 8. It is also excellent on spring creeks such as the Letort where it has enough backbone to deliver a Shenk's Cricket size 12 to a rising trout along the far bank. Then when the trico hatch comes on it easily protects a 7X tippet with a size 22 dry.
  • The Scott G2 904/4pc is my favorite rod on Armstrong and Nelson in Montana. I fish everything from a size 10 Shenk's Hopper down to a size 24 Mr. Rapidan Midge with this rod. I'm sure its extra length helps me mend the drifts and present delicate slack line cast to catch these tough trout.
  • The Scott G2 905/4pc is an ideal rod for fishing the Yellowstone National Park where we use flies ranging from #8 stoneflies down to #20 beatis.  It is also a very versatile rod for fishing tailwaters.
  • The Scott G2 906/4pc is a wonderful rod for fishing large western rivers such as the lower Madison and the Yellowstone from Yankee Jim down to Livingston. It has the backbone to shove a size 6 Sculpin great distances on a sinking head line, while having the control to drift a combination Coachman Trude Dry size 14 with a Bead Head Prince Nymph size 16 dropper right along the bank. One late September day in a snow storm I even went down to 6X with a size 20 Olive Dry to take the browns rising during a beatis hatch.  I can also use this rod for my smallmouth bass fishing here in the East.