Featured Products of the Week

Each Wednesday I will list some of my favorite products and have them on sale for one week only.  You can have these specials delivered directly to your email every Wednesday by signing up here.

March 29

 This week I am recommending a Mountain Trout Fly Rod Outfits that will work well for the native brook trout fishing in the Shenandoah National Park. This outfit comes with a St. Croix Rod, Orvis Reel, VPT Line, Backing, Leader and 4 Dry Flies.  I will gladly put the line, backing and leader on the reel, if you let me know which hand you reel with upon ordering.

The bass are holding in the deep pockets at this time of year and you will need some heavy flies to reach them.  This week I have included 9 of our heaviest bass flies into a special to give you a variety of colors and styles.